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Madrid Style Tripe - Callos a la Madrileña - Can - 500 g

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Madrid Style Tripe - Callos a la Madrileña - Can - 500 g

La Fragua

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Product Description

Callos a la madrileña or Madrid Stryle Tripe are one of the most typical dishes of Madrid's winter. It is mainly made with cow's intestines. Tripe is understood as pieces of cow stomach or ram that are eaten in a stew. It is a dish that is usually served hot in a terra cota casserole and accompanied by slices of chorizo, black sausaged and ham.

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Ingredients and allergies
Ingredients (as per packaging label)

Beef belly, water, pork rind, pork mask, beef leg meat, chorizo (4%) (pork meat and bacon, paprika, salt, garlic, soy protein, dextrose, coloring: E-120 and E-160c, stabilizers: E-451i and E-452ii, antioxidant: E-301, smoke, preservative: E-250 and spices), black sausage (4%) (pork meat and bacon, onion, pork blood, salt, paprika, soy protein, potato starch, garlic, spices, preservative: E-250 and smoke flavouring), onion, lard, wheat flour, sunflower oil, salt, garlic, spices, paprika and gelatine.

Allergens: contains wheat and soy.


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