Direct from Spain | From the tin to the plate

From the tin to the plate

From the tin to the plate

24/Mar/2021 | The Spanish Way

In the last few years, the most sybarites have turned their attention to tinned food. They are not any more products of only traditional bars or neighbourhood grocery stores, they have become part of the gourmet gastronomy and a luxury snack for the most demanding palates.

In the 19th century, Abraham Mariscal offered a reward of 12,000 francs to anyone who could find a method of keeping food in good condition for a long time. In Spain, in 1820, sardines began to be canned and preserved in oil.

Here in Australia, it may seem a little strange, but nowadays many restaurants dedicate their menus entirely to preserves, an underrated but highly valued product. Spain, and even more so Madrid, is a place where it is difficult to renounce the tradition of tapas and vermouth. Conversations around a bar with a few pinchos in between are the perfect pastime for a weekend lunchtime. Among all these tapas, there is one type that stands out above the rest and is also the most consumed: cans. In taverns, restaurants or tapas bars, there is no place where they are not to be found. The lateo (from ‘lata’ tin or can in spanish) is in fashion.

Tinned or canned food now have the place it deserves in the foodie world. Pickled mussels, anchovies, tuna, cockles, stuffed peppers... and all the types of tinned food you can imagine can be found at our store.

Is there any doubt about what to eat today?

¡Que aproveche!

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