Direct from Spain | Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Hacienda Guzmán

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Hacienda Guzmán

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Hacienda Guzmán

24/Mar/2021 | Taste of Spain

At Direct From Spain we are very proud to have the olive oils from Hacienda Guzmán, Seville. All Hacienda Guzmán extra virgin olive oils are organic and developed to obtain the best possible oil thanks to its triple selection, enabling a unique product to be made. Four different varieties to try: hojiblanca, manzanilla, arbequina and coupage.

The olive oil history of Hacienda Guzmán dates back more than five centuries, when Hernando Colón, the son of Christopher Columbus, exported the olive oil produced at the Hacienda to the Americas.

Between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, each of the three towers of the hacienda housed a beam mill, making it one of the largest olive oil factories in the world. Today, Hacienda Guzmán, which has a mill and a mahogany beam of 15 metres in length dating from the 17th century, offers a faithful recreation of the traditional process and is a reflection of the reality of the current olive sector. with innovative facilities that allow the most select olive oil to be produced.

The philosophy behind the farm is to carry out a responsible and sustainable activity with the environment, maintaining the highest quality standards in the production of our extra virgin olive oil. This is an integrated production cycle that takes place completely at Hacienda Guzmán.

8 reasons why this extra virgin olive oil is unique:

1. Selection of the plot that offers the best fruit quality: The 340 hectares of the Hacienda Guzmán have the Organic Certification of the Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture (CAAE)

2. Manual harvesting of the fruit: olive harvesting is carried out manually to ensure the most delicate treatment of the raw material.

3. Immediate transport to the oil mill: ensuring the high level of quality of extra virgin oils.

4. Manual selection of the olive: discard those olives that are in poor condition to ensure that only those at the appropriate level of maturity make it into the mill.

5. Total control of the temperature and time of the milling process: to preserve the organoleptic and physico-chemical characteristics of the oil.

6. Storage to preserve all the properties of the EVOO in stainless steel containers.

7. Selection of the highest quality oils in each harvest: those oils that retain the best organoleptic properties are selected to form the coupage of each of the products.

8. Manual packaging in an opaque container to protect the oil.


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