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Spanish Gourmet Packs

Spanish Gourmet Packs

15/Dec/2022 | Taste of Spain

Still thinking of the perfect gift for this Christmas? ⁠

⁠When it comes to keeping the festivities flowing, we know just the thing: our Gourmet Packs. Filled with our most special gourmet products. ⁠

⁠One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a memorable party this Christmas.⁠

⁠Discover our assorted gourmet packs:⁠

⁠PUEBLO: In addition to the beauty of its streets and surroundings, the heritage of Spanish villages (pueblos) also includes its gastronomy: authentic cuisine with local ingredients that reflects, in every bite, the particular history of each town. These dishes are usually comfort food like stews paired with the best products straight from the patch.⁠

PICOTEO: It is no secret that Spaniards love a good aperitivo.⁠ It is the perfect snack to eat while the food is being made and whet your appetite. We bring you an assorted selection of goods, that paired with salted chips and this chilled white wine, will make your taste travel!⁠ ⁠

⁠SIBARITA: A classic combination: Cava and seafood. A light refreshing sparkling wine, which compliments and reinforces the flavour and aromatic intensity of seafood.⁠

⁠DEL NORTE: Across Spain it is a tradition to offer canned seafood as a delicacy at restaurants and bars. Great care is taken to prepare and package this appetizing seafood, so that when you open a tin you are experiencing the true flavour of fresh seafood.⁠

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