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Pincho Moruno Red Spice Blend PET - 910 g

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Pincho Moruno Red Spice Blend PET - 910 g

Una Pizca de Sabor

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Product Description

Red spice blend for Pincho Moruno. The Pinchos Morunos consist of pieces of marinated meat strung on a stick. The genuine Pinchos Morunos are made of lamb, but we can prepare them of beef, chicken or pork.

There are many mixtures of spices that can go great for marinating meat, but the classic blend for Pincho Moruno is in red color. It is mainly based on paprika and flavour reminds us of chorizo sausage.

Product Details
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    Salts & Spices
Ingredients and allergies
Ingredients (as per packaging label)

Paprika, salt, spices, dextrose and soy vegetable protein

Allergens: contains soy.

Gluten Free


This product might contain the following allergens:


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