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Asparagus Tips 9-12 Jar-250

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Asparagus Tips 9-12 Jar-250

Huerto de Sabor
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Product Description

Asparagus tips the most appreciated part of the asparagus of Navarre. Creamy, very consistent and with a very natural fresh vegetable flavour. The extraordinarily thick spears are so soft and buttery you can cut them with your fork.

Preserved white asparagus from Navarra is so revered in Spain that it has its own D.O.(a protected Denomination of Origin), which guarantees its quality and authenticity.

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Ingredients and allergies
Ingredients (as per packaging label)

asparagus buds, water, salt, acidifier: E-330 and antioxidant: E-300.

Allergens: does not contain allergens.

Gluten Free


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