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Whole Piquillo Peppers Extra Jar-314

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Whole Piquillo Peppers Extra Jar-314

La Fragua
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Product Description

Delicious whole red piquillo peppers, small, sweet, ripe, with very fine meat and a very natural flavour. Roasted in the traditional way and peeled by hand.

Do you know why they are called like that? They are grown in Navarre, and their name is due to the fact that they end in a slightly curved beak in Spanish piquillo.

It is a product that should not be missing in our diet, as it is a great source of fibre, helps to balance cholesterol and is a great antioxidant. Perfect for a simple and healthy recipe.

Product Details
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    Preserved Vegetables
Ingredients and allergies
Ingredients (as per packaging label)

piquillo peppers, water, salt, sugar, acidifier: E-330 and hardener: E-509.

Allergens: does not contain allergens.

Gluten Free


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