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Dessert Liqueurs

Dessert Liqueurs

02/Sep/2021 | Taste of Spain

When you travel around Spain you can find a typical drink with a deep-rooted history and tradition in every corner. We find beverages that catch our attention, many of them with a great tradition and quality, many others much more recent but equally made with care and dedication.

The flavours of the liqueurs are steeped in history and secrets. Some of them are inspired by ingredients typical of the region, others contain plant extracts and essences specific to the area, overall they all share two key elements: the past and the celebration. The history of these spirits dates back centuries ago, and they were made from herbs considered medicinal. The containers began to be filled after the distillation or maceration of various elements mixed with water, sugar and various aromatic essences.

Pacharán is a liqueur typical of Navarre, although in the Basque Country, and even in Castile and Leon, there is a tradition of drinking it. Its main ingredient is macerated sloes.

The Cantabrians take advantage of the Picos de Europa to make their historic herbal liqueur, which has a unique ingredient: port or rock tea from Liébana. This local plant grows above 1,200 metres in the mountains. In the same region, the liqueur made from heather honey is also typical.

The orujo is obtained from the distillation of grape bagasse, it is very popular in the northwest of Spain, especially in Galicia, where it has a specific designation of origin. In many families it is still produced in the traditional way.

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